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Total Marking Count: 772


Auburn Agouti
Auburn Back
Auburn Back Edge Patch
Auburn Butcher
Auburn Carnage
Auburn Cover
Auburn Dilution
Auburn Dorsal
Auburn Elbow Patch
Auburn Forehead
Auburn Half Dorsal
Auburn Half Mask
Auburn Inverted Cross
Auburn Mantle
Auburn Mask
Auburn Patchy Unders
Auburn Points
Auburn Predator
Auburn Shaded
Auburn Smoke
Auburn Smudge
Auburn Smudge Heavy
Auburn Spectacles
Auburn Undercoat
Auburn Unders


Beige Back Half Patch
Beige Back Heavy Patch
Beige Back Patch
Beige Blaze
Beige Bottoms
Beige Butcher
Beige Cape
Beige Cape Ticking
Beige Carnage
Beige Cheek Fluff
Beige Dilution
Beige Ear Tips
Beige Elbow Patch
Beige Elbows
Beige Eyebrows
Beige Gentle Unders
Beige Grizzle
Beige Half Cape
Beige Half Cape Ticking
Beige Half Socks
Beige Heavy Husky
Beige Inner Ear
Beige Inuit Unders
Beige Inverted Agouti
Beige Irish
Beige Light Husky
Beige Limbs
Beige Low Bottoms
Beige Marbled Unders
Beige Medium Husky
Beige Muzzle Patch
Beige Neck
Beige Neck Band
Beige Patchy Unders
Beige Paws
Beige Predator
Beige Socks
Beige Spectacles
Beige Tamaskan Unders
Beige Throat
Beige Throat Patch
Beige Toes
Beige Trim
Beige Tuxedo
Beige Underbelly
Beige Undercoat
Beige Underfur
Beige Unders
Beige Undersides
Beige Urajiro


Black Agouti
Black Back
Black Back Edge Patch
Black Back Half Patch
Black Back Heavy Patch
Black Back Patch
Black Back Stripe
Black Belly Stripe
Black Blanket
Black Blanket Ticking
Black Butcher
Black Cape
Black Cape Ticking
Black Carnage
Black Cheek Fluff
Black Chest
Black Chest Stripe
Black Cover
Black Cross
Black Dilution
Black Dorsal
Black Elbow Patch
Black Eyebrows
Black Forehead
Black Full Mask
Black Full Rump
Black Half Cape
Black Half Cape Ticking
Black Half Cover
Black Half Dorsal
Black Half Mask
Black Half Saddle
Black Half Stripe
Black Head Stripe
Black Inuit Unders
Black Inverted Cross
Black Limbs
Black Mantle
Black Mask
Black Merle Patches
Black Muzzle Patch
Black Neck
Black Neck Band
Black Neck Stripe
Black Nose Bridge
Black Patchy Unders
Black Points
Black Predator
Black Rump
Black Rump Edge
Black Rump Patch
Black Rump Stripe
Black Saddle
Black Saddle Ticking
Black Shaded
Black Shepherd
Black Shepherd Heavy
Black Shoulder Patch
Black Shoulders
Black Smoke
Black Smudge
Black Smudge Heavy
Black Snout
Black Spectacles
Black Stained Limbs
Black Tail Tip
Black Throat
Black Throat Patch
Black Trim
Black Undercoat
Black Unders


Brown Agouti
Brown Back
Brown Back Edge Patch
Brown Back Half Patch
Brown Back Heavy Patch
Brown Back Patch
Brown Back Stripe
Brown Belly Stripe
Brown Blanket
Brown Blanket Ticking
Brown Butcher
Brown Cape
Brown Cape Ticking
Brown Carnage
Brown Cheek Fluff
Brown Chest
Brown Chest Stripe
Brown Cover
Brown Cross
Brown Dilution
Brown Dorsal
Brown Eyebrows
Brown Forehead
Brown Full Mask
Brown Full Rump
Brown Half Cape
Brown Half Cape Ticking
Brown Half Cover
Brown Half Dorsal
Brown Half Mask
Brown Half Saddle
Brown Half Stripe
Brown Head Stripe
Brown Inuit Unders
Brown Inverted Cross
Brown Limbs
Brown Mantle
Brown Mask
Brown Merle Patches
Brown Neck
Brown Neck Band
Brown Neck Stripe
Brown Points
Brown Rump
Brown Rump Edge
Brown Rump Patch
Brown Rump Stripe
Brown Saddle
Brown Saddle Ticking
Brown Shaded
Brown Shepherd
Brown Shepherd Heavy
Brown Shoulder Patch
Brown Shoulders
Brown Smoke
Brown Smudge
Brown Smudge Heavy
Brown Snout
Brown Stained Limbs
Brown Tail Tip
Brown Undercoat
Brown Unders


Cream Back
Cream Back Half Patch
Cream Back Heavy Patch
Cream Back Patch
Cream Blaze
Cream Bottoms
Cream Butcher
Cream Cape
Cream Cape Ticking
Cream Carnage
Cream Cheek Fluff
Cream Dilution
Cream Ear Tips
Cream Elbow Patch
Cream Elbows
Cream Eyebrows
Cream Gentle Unders
Cream Grizzle
Cream Half Cape
Cream Half Cape Ticking
Cream Half Socks
Cream Heavy Husky
Cream Highlights
Cream Inner Ear
Cream Inuit Unders
Cream Inverted Agouti
Cream Inverted Cross
Cream Irish
Cream Light Husky
Cream Limbs
Cream Low Bottoms
Cream Marbled Unders
Cream Medium Husky
Cream Merle
Cream Muzzle Patch
Cream Neck
Cream Neck Band
Cream Patchy Unders
Cream Paws
Cream Points
Cream Predator
Cream Shoulder Patch
Cream Socks
Cream Spectacles
Cream Tamaskan Unders
Cream Throat
Cream Throat Patch
Cream Toes
Cream Trim
Cream Tuxedo
Cream Underbelly
Cream Undercoat
Cream Underfur
Cream Unders
Cream Undersides
Cream Urajiro

Dark Brown  

Dark Brown Agouti
Dark Brown Back
Dark Brown Back Edge Patch
Dark Brown Back Half Patch
Dark Brown Back Heavy Patch
Dark Brown Back Patch
Dark Brown Back Stripe
Dark Brown Belly Stripe
Dark Brown Blanket
Dark Brown Blanket Ticking
Dark Brown Butcher
Dark Brown Cape
Dark Brown Cape Ticking
Dark Brown Chest
Dark Brown Chest Stripe
Dark Brown Cover
Dark Brown Cross
Dark Brown Dorsal
Dark Brown Forehead
Dark Brown Full Rump
Dark Brown Half Cape
Dark Brown Half Cape Ticking
Dark Brown Half Cover
Dark Brown Half Dorsal
Dark Brown Half Mask
Dark Brown Half Saddle
Dark Brown Half Stripe
Dark Brown Head Stripe
Dark Brown Inverted Cross
Dark Brown Limbs
Dark Brown Mantle
Dark Brown Mask
Dark Brown Merle Patches
Dark Brown Neck
Dark Brown Neck Band
Dark Brown Neck Stripe
Dark Brown Points
Dark Brown Rump
Dark Brown Rump Edge
Dark Brown Rump Patch
Dark Brown Rump Stripe
Dark Brown Saddle
Dark Brown Saddle Ticking
Dark Brown Shepherd
Dark Brown Shepherd Heavy
Dark Brown Shoulder Patch
Dark Brown Shoulders
Dark Brown Smoke
Dark Brown Smudge
Dark Brown Smudge Heavy
Dark Brown Snout
Dark Brown Stained Limbs
Dark Brown Tail Tip
Dark Brown Undercoat
Dark Brown Unders


Deira Back Half Patch
Deira Back Heavy Patch
Deira Back Patch
Deira Bottoms
Deira Butcher
Deira Cape
Deira Carnage
Deira Dilution
Deira Ear Tips
Deira Eyebrows
Deira Gentle Unders
Deira Grizzle
Deira Half Socks
Deira Heavy Husky
Deira Inuit Unders
Deira Inverted Agouti
Deira Light Husky
Deira Limbs
Deira Low Bottoms
Deira Medium Husky
Deira Neck Band
Deira Patchy Unders
Deira Paws
Deira Predator
Deira Socks
Deira Spectacles
Deira Tamaskan Unders
Deira Throat Patch
Deira Trim
Deira Tuxedo
Deira Underbelly
Deira Undercoat
Deira Underfur
Deira Unders
Deira Undersides
Deira Urajiro


Dinar Agouti
Dinar Back
Dinar Back Edge Patch
Dinar Back Half Patch
Dinar Back Heavy Patch
Dinar Back Patch
Dinar Butcher
Dinar Cape
Dinar Carnage
Dinar Cross
Dinar Dilution
Dinar Dorsal
Dinar Eyebrows
Dinar Forehead
Dinar Half Cape
Dinar Half Dorsal
Dinar Inuit Unders
Dinar Inverted Cross
Dinar Limbs
Dinar Mantle
Dinar Mask
Dinar Neck Band
Dinar Points
Dinar Shaded
Dinar Shoulders
Dinar Undercoat
Dinar Unders


Doubloon Back
Doubloon Back Half Patch
Doubloon Back Heavy Patch
Doubloon Back Patch
Doubloon Bottoms
Doubloon Cape
Doubloon Dilution
Doubloon Dorsal
Doubloon Ear Tips
Doubloon Gentle Unders
Doubloon Grizzle
Doubloon Half Cape
Doubloon Half Dorsal
Doubloon Half Socks
Doubloon Heavy Husky
Doubloon Highlights
Doubloon Inuit Unders
Doubloon Inverted Cross
Doubloon Light Husky
Doubloon Low Bottoms
Doubloon Medium Husky
Doubloon Merle
Doubloon Neck Band
Doubloon Patchy Unders
Doubloon Shaded
Doubloon Socks
Doubloon Tamaskan Unders
Doubloon Trim
Doubloon Tuxedo
Doubloon Underbelly
Doubloon Undercoat
Doubloon Underfur
Doubloon Unders
Doubloon Undersides
Doubloon Urajiro


Ducat Back Half Patch
Ducat Back Heavy Patch
Ducat Back Patch
Ducat Bottoms
Ducat Cape
Ducat Dilution
Ducat Ear Tips
Ducat Gentle Unders
Ducat Grizzle
Ducat Half Cape
Ducat Half Socks
Ducat Heavy Husky
Ducat Highlights
Ducat Inuit Unders
Ducat Light Husky
Ducat Low Bottoms
Ducat Marbled Unders
Ducat Medium Husky
Ducat Merle
Ducat Neck Band
Ducat Patchy Unders
Ducat Shaded
Ducat Socks
Ducat Tamaskan Unders
Ducat Trim
Ducat Tuxedo
Ducat Underbelly
Ducat Undercoat
Ducat Underfur
Ducat Unders
Ducat Undersides
Ducat Urajiro


Gray Agouti
Gray Back
Gray Back Half Patch
Gray Back Heavy Patch
Gray Back Patch
Gray Blanket
Gray Blanket Ticking
Gray Cape
Gray Cape Ticking
Gray Chest
Gray Cover
Gray Cross
Gray Forehead
Gray Full Mask
Gray Half Cape
Gray Half Cape Ticking
Gray Half Mask
Gray Half Saddle
Gray Highlights
Gray Inuit Unders
Gray Inverted Cross
Gray Mantle
Gray Mask
Gray Neck
Gray Neck Band
Gray Patchy Unders
Gray Points
Gray Saddle
Gray Saddle Ticking
Gray Shoulders
Gray Smoke
Gray Smudge
Gray Smudge Heavy
Gray Tamaskan Unders
Gray Undercoat
Gray Underfur
Gray Unders
Gray Undersides


Honey Agouti
Honey Back
Honey Back Edge Patch
Honey Back Half Patch
Honey Back Heavy Patch
Honey Back Patch
Honey Bottoms
Honey Butcher
Honey Cape
Honey Carnage
Honey Cross
Honey Dilution
Honey Dorsal
Honey Ear Tips
Honey Eyebrows
Honey Forehead
Honey Gentle Unders
Honey Grizzle
Honey Half Cape
Honey Half Dorsal
Honey Half Socks
Honey Heavy Husky
Honey Highlights
Honey Inuit Unders
Honey Inverted Agouti
Honey Inverted Cross
Honey Light Husky
Honey Limbs
Honey Low Bottoms
Honey Mantle
Honey Mask
Honey Medium Husky
Honey Merle
Honey Neck Band
Honey Patchy Unders
Honey Paws
Honey Points
Honey Predator
Honey Shaded
Honey Shoulders
Honey Socks
Honey Spectacles
Honey Tamaskan Unders
Honey Throat Patch
Honey Trim
Honey Tuxedo
Honey Underbelly
Honey Undercoat
Honey Underfur
Honey Unders
Honey Undersides
Honey Urajiro


Red Agouti
Red Back
Red Back Edge Patch
Red Butcher
Red Carnage
Red Cover
Red Dilution
Red Dorsal
Red Elbow Patch
Red Forehead
Red Half Dorsal
Red Half Mask
Red Highlights
Red Inverted Cross
Red Mantle
Red Mask
Red Patchy Unders
Red Points
Red Predator
Red Shaded
Red Smoke
Red Smudge
Red Smudge Heavy
Red Spectacles
Red Tamaskan Unders
Red Undercoat
Red Underfur
Red Unders
Red Undersides


Selene Dilution
Selene Inverted Agouti
Selene Lupos
Selene Ornate Spots


Sepia Back
Sepia Back Half Patch
Sepia Back Heavy Patch
Sepia Back Patch
Sepia Cape
Sepia Dilution
Sepia Dorsal
Sepia Half Cape
Sepia Half Dorsal
Sepia Inuit Unders
Sepia Inverted Cross
Sepia Neck Band
Sepia Shaded
Sepia Undercoat
Sepia Unders


Silver Back Half Patch
Silver Back Heavy Patch
Silver Back Patch
Silver Butcher
Silver Cape
Silver Cape Ticking
Silver Carnage
Silver Cheek Fluff
Silver Chest
Silver Cross
Silver Dilution
Silver Elbow Patch
Silver Eyebrows
Silver Half Cape
Silver Half Cape Ticking
Silver Half Mask
Silver Inuit Unders
Silver Limbs
Silver Mask
Silver Muzzle Patch
Silver Neck
Silver Neck Band
Silver Nose Bridge
Silver Patchy Unders
Silver Predator
Silver Shaded
Silver Shoulder Patch
Silver Snout
Silver Spectacles
Silver Tail Tip
Silver Throat
Silver Throat Patch
Silver Trim
Silver Undercoat
Silver Unders


Sterling Cape
Sterling Cross
Sterling Dilution
Sterling Shaded
Sterling Shoulder Patch
Sterling Snout
Sterling Undercoat
Sterling Unders


Tuff Back Half Patch
Tuff Back Heavy Patch
Tuff Back Patch
Tuff Butcher
Tuff Cape
Tuff Cape Ticking
Tuff Carnage
Tuff Cheek Fluff
Tuff Dilution
Tuff Elbow Patch
Tuff Eyebrows
Tuff Half Cape
Tuff Half Cape Ticking
Tuff Inuit Unders
Tuff Limbs
Tuff Muzzle Patch
Tuff Neck
Tuff Neck Band
Tuff Patchy Unders
Tuff Predator
Tuff Shoulder Patch
Tuff Spectacles
Tuff Throat
Tuff Throat Patch
Tuff Trim
Tuff Undercoat
Tuff Unders


White Back Half Patch
White Back Heavy Patch
White Back Patch
White Blaze
White Bottoms
White Butcher
White Cape
White Cape Ticking
White Carnage
White Cheek Fluff
White Chest
White Cross
White Dilution
White Ear Tips
White Elbow Patch
White Elbows
White Eyebrows
White Gentle Unders
White Grizzle
White Half Cape
White Half Cape Ticking
White Half Mask
White Half Socks
White Heavy Husky
White Highlights
White Inner Ear
White Inuit Unders
White Inverted Agouti
White Irish
White Light Husky
White Limbs
White Low Bottoms
White Marbled Unders
White Mask
White Medium Husky
White Merle
White Muzzle
White Muzzle Patch
White Neck
White Neck Band
White Nose Bridge
White Nose Line
White Patchy Unders
White Paws
White Predator
White Shaded
White Shoulder Patch
White Snout
White Socks
White Spectacles
White Tail Tip
White Tamaskan Unders
White Throat
White Throat Patch
White Toes
White Trim
White Tuxedo
White Underbelly
White Undercoat
White Underfur
White Unders
White Undersides
White Urajiro


Yellow Back
Yellow Back Half Patch
Yellow Back Heavy Patch
Yellow Back Patch
Yellow Bottoms
Yellow Cape
Yellow Dilution
Yellow Dorsal
Yellow Ear Tips
Yellow Gentle Unders
Yellow Grizzle
Yellow Half Cape
Yellow Half Dorsal
Yellow Half Socks
Yellow Heavy Husky
Yellow Highlights
Yellow Inuit Unders
Yellow Inverted Cross
Yellow Light Husky
Yellow Low Bottoms
Yellow Marbled Unders
Yellow Medium Husky
Yellow Merle
Yellow Neck Band
Yellow Patchy Unders
Yellow Shaded
Yellow Socks
Yellow Tamaskan Unders
Yellow Trim
Yellow Tuxedo
Yellow Underbelly
Yellow Undercoat
Yellow Underfur
Yellow Unders
Yellow Undersides
Yellow Urajiro


Zircon Back
Zircon Butcher
Zircon Carnage
Zircon Dilution
Zircon Elbow Patch
Zircon Highlights
Zircon Inverted Cross
Zircon Patchy Unders
Zircon Points
Zircon Predator
Zircon Spectacles
Zircon Tamaskan Unders
Zircon Undercoat
Zircon Underfur
Zircon Unders
Zircon Undersides